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Top 8 Tea Kettles


Don't boil your water in a pot. It can take too long, and it just plain unattractive. Electric water kettles are handy and fast, but you can still get the older style kettles that sit on your stove top.

1. UtiliTEA Variable Temperature Tea Kettle

UtiliTEA Tea Kettle
Finally, a kettle specifically designed for heating water for tea. Instead of heating right to boiling, you can adjust the kettle to turn the heat off before it reaches the boiling point. The dial is marked so you can choose the right temperature for green or black tea.

2. Ibis Electric Kettle

Ibis Electric Kettle
Made by Bodum, these electric kettles can get 7 cups of water boiling in less than 5 minutes. The base has a cord, but the jug lifts off for easy pouring. Comes in 3 colours.

3. Braun AquaExpress Electric Kettle

Braun Aqua Express
This kettle has a nice big handle for easy pouring, and gauges on both sides for easy filling. A gold plated heating element will reduce the build-up of mineral scale. It's electric, but the jug is cordless.
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4. Stove Top Kettles

Stove Top Tea Kettle
You don't need a fancy electric kettle to boil water. If you prefer the old-fashioned style of kettle, there are a variety of designs to choose from.
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5. Bosch Porsche Designer Water Kettle

Bosch Porsche Designer Water Kettle
Not for the budget-conscious. Brushed aluminum finish looks great and keeps fingerprints off. The circular base allows you to replace the carafe in any position.
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6. Delonghi Cordless Electric Kettle

Delonghi Tea Kettle
It's all about style. The futuristic look of this kettle will earn it a place on your counter-top rather than stuck in a cabinet. The Delonghi kettle has auto shut-off and holds 7 cups.
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7. Krups Electric Tea Kettle

Krups Electric Tea Kettle
A good, all-round kettle from Krups. It's a basic electric kettle with few bells or whistles. There is a trigger controlled spout cover to prevent spilling, which is a very nice safety feature.
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8. Presto Electric Kettle

Presto Tea Kettle
Sometimes, simple is best. A very cheap and easy tea kettle that will suit for all your water heating needs. It holds up to a quart and will heat your water to boiling quickly.
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