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Top 7 Coffee Percolators


It's hard to resist the blub-blub sounds that come from the bubbling coffee in a percolator. These days, you can still get the stove-top models but there are electric versions too.

1. Farberware Percolators

Farberware Percolators
Farberware has a whole line of electric percolators, with fine chrome finishes. They have models that brew 4, 8 or 12 cups of coffee. $40-$60

2. Delonghi Retro Cordless Percolator

Delonghi Retro Percolator
You can get the Retro percolator in two sizes: small for 2-6 cups, or the larger one for up to 12 cups. You can adjust the thermostat for light or strong brewing. $80
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3. Dualit Axis Cordless Percolator

Dualit Axis Cordless Coffee Percolator
A good size coffee percoloator, with 1000W of power and a 10 cup capacity. After brewing, the base will keep your coffee hot for half an hour. $99
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4. Metro Stainless Stove-top Percolator

Metro Stove Top Coffee Percolator
For the old-fashioned folks. This simple stainless steel perker just sits on the stove and produces 4-8 cups of good, strong coffee. $30
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5. Presto Stainless Steel Electic Percolator

Presto Electric Coffee Percolator
A very stylish percolator, made from stainless steel. The signal light lets you know when the coffee is ready, and the large handle makes for easy pouring. $50
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6. Cuisinart Classic 4-Cup Percolator

Cuisinart Classic 4-cup Percolator
A smaller percolator, great if you only want a few cups of coffee at a time. The long spout is quite elegant looking, and the cord detaches for easy use. $45
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7. Hamilton Beach Percolator

Hamilton Beach Percolator
The fast brew technology will have your coffee ready in just under a minute. It has a 12-cup capacity and include a built-in filter basket. The lit indicator will let you know when your coffee is finished brewing. $40
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