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Top 5 Top Automatic Espresso Machines


For the lazy barista, a machine that does it all. All you need to do with a fully-automatic espresso machine is add whole roasted beans. The espresso machine will grind your beans, dose and tamp the coffee grounds and pull a perfect shot of espresso. Maybe efficient is a better term than lazy. These aren't machines for the budget-conscious and all have many more features than I can list here.

1. Delonghi Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine
You can make the ultimate in fresh espresso with this machine, because it grinds the beans for you with an integrated burr grinder. Cappuccinos are easy to make using the wand and milk frothing chamber. Separate controls for coffee and water quantity, so you can customize the strength of your shots. Many more features.
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2. Solis Master 5000 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Solis Master 5000 Automatic Espresso Machine
A compact unit that's not small on features. It still has plenty of power, and you can have a shot of espresso in mere seconds. The grounds are premoistened during the brew cycle to improve the flavour of your shot, and to give you more crema. This self-cleaning unit has a frothing wand, large water reservoir, and can make up to 20 cups of coffee before the used grounds need emptying.
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3. Gaggia Syncrony Compact Espresso Machine

Gaggia Syncrony Espresso Machine
This espresso machine will provide you with commercial quality espresso (it is a Gaggia, after all) but won't take up your entire countertop. This compact machine can still provide plenty of espresso, with a 44oz water tank. Digital controls give you complete control over the espresso extraction.
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4. Saeco Charisma Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Charisma Automatic Espresso Machine
The Charisma is fully automatic and will produce superb espresso with just a push of a button, and it even cleans itself up afterwards. A handy bypass doser allows you to switch coffee if you want something other than what is already in the grinder hopper. Speaking of the grinder, the conical burr grinder has 18 settings of fineness so you can really be accurate with your grind.
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5. Bosch Benevenuto Gourmet Super Automatic Espresso Machine

You name the feature, and this espresso machine has it. Even so, the controls are simple and easy to use. There is even a back-lit screen that will let you know what the machine is doing, and when you need to clean it or empty the used grounds. You can also just dispense hot water for when you're in the mood for tea or hot chocolate.
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