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Drink Pairings & Food Recipes

Learn to pair coffee, tea and hot chocolate with foods, and to cook with coffee and tea, with this guide to coffee and tea pairings and recipes.
  1. Hot Drink Pairings (9)
  2. How to Cook With Tea (12)
  3. Cooking With Coffee (21)
  4. Afternoon Tea Sandwiches (16)
  5. Scone Recipes (19)

Berry Meringue Tart Recipe
Have a berry harvest and a love of coffee or tea? Make this fantastic berry meringue tart recipe and try one of the pairings suggested at the end.

Best Madeleines Recipes
This collection of the best Madeleines recipes includes recipes for French Madeleine cookies / cakes.

Chai Simple Syrup
This homemade chai-flavored simple syrup can be used to give chai's spicy-sweet flavor to baked goods, ice creams and other dishes.

Cream Tea
Despite its name, cream tea is not tea with cream in it.

Eastern European Coffee Cake Recipes
Czech Poppyseed Coffee Cake. Plum-Almond Coffee Cake. Russian Cheese and Sour Cherry Coffee Cake. These are must-try recipes for pairing with coffee!

Full Tea
Full tea is a type of afternoon tea meal. Learn what makes it heavier than light tea, plus get recipes for the foods that are typically served at full tea.

Herbed Butter Recipe
This simple, versatile recipe for herbed butter is wonderful for use on finger sandwiches, scones, rolls and other foods that include butter.

High Tea Recipes
Also known as "afternoon tea," high tea parties are a great time to try recipes for sweet or savory scones, finger sandwiches and various sweets. Learn to make them all with this high tea recipe collection.

Light Tea
"Light tea" is a type of afternoon tea meal featuring various sweets. This guide to light tea links to light tea recipes, including trifle recipes and Battenburg cake recipes.

Mocha Cake Recipe
This mocha cake recipe is a natural pairing for coffee drinks and espresso.

Primopan Gluten-Free Cookie
Primopan's Gluten-Free Cookie is one of those rare gluten-free/lactose-free/raw foods that you can serve without anyone ever guessing it isn’t loaded with wheat flour and butter. It's great for pairing with coffee or tea.

Savory Biscotti Recipe
Like sweet biscotti, savory biscotti can be paired with coffee or wine. This Savory Biscotti Recipe is made with Havarti cheese and toasted caraway seeds.

Strawberry Tea
Strawberry tea is a light afternoon tea meal that pairs strawberries and scones with tea.

Honey Types, Processing & Recipes
Learn about honey flavor profiles, check out recipes for honey coffee and honey tea, find recipes for honey-sweetened baked goods for pairing with coffee / tea, and more with this guide to honey.

What's a Sally Lunn?
In Bath, England, Sally Lunns are an extremely popular food for pairing with teas. Their popularity has spread to many other parts of the world, where they are still eaten alongside tea.

Cranberry Scone Recipes
Cranberry scones are a classic afternoon tea snack. This collection of cranberry scone recipes includes scones made with fresh and dried cranberries, as well as Pecan-Cranberry Scones, Vegan Lemon-Cranberry Scones, Cranberry-Orange Scones and more.

Blueberry Scone Recipes
Blueberry scones are a classic afternoon tea snack. This collection of blueberry scone recipes includes scones made with fresh and dried blueberries, as well as blueberry-lemon scones, healthy blueberry scones, easy blueberry scones, buttermilk blueberry scones and more.

Veggie Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches Recipe
This versatile and easy recipe for veggie cream cheese tea sandwiches is great for serving kids or last-minute guests.

Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches Recipe
This recipe for smoked salmon finger sandwiches features smoked salmon and herbed mayonnaise on pumpernickel or whole grain bread.

Fall Scone Recipes
Find pumpkin scones, chocolate scones, dried fruit scones and more in this fall scone recipe collection.

Whipped Cream
Whipped cream makes a fantastic addition to many coffee drinks, tea drinks and coffee- and tea-friendly foods (such as cakes and scones). Learn all about whipped cream, including what differentiates it from whipped topping, how it turns from cream into something so fluffy, and much more.

Whipped Cream Recipes
Homemade whipped cream is miles ahead of the store-bought stuff. It tastes better, it feels better, it's better for you and it's cheaper. Make one of these whipped cream recipes for your coffee and cake, your masala chai and scones or your other favorite wintertime drinks (like mulled apple cider and hot chocolate). You'll never go back to the stuff from a tub again!

Matcha Salt Recipe
A variation on regular sea salt, Matcha Salt can be used as a meat rub or a seasoning for eggs, fish and other foods.

Matcha Butter Recipe
Matcha Butter can be used in lieu of regular butter in many recipes. Use it as a cooking oil when baking or sauteing, or use it to top muffins, toast and other foods.

Salmon & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches Recipe
This easy finger sandwich recipe is a quick addition to any afternoon tea gathering or light lunch.

Affogato is the ideal dessert for highlighting a well-pulled shot of espresso.

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches Recipe
This classic cucumber tea sandwich recipe gets its tangy flavor from white wine vinegar.

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