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Hot Chocolate Pairings

What to Pair With Drinking Chocolate


Hot chocolate and peppermint
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Hot cocoa and hot chocolate are known for their decadent toppings, but their innate ability to pair with other flavors also makes them a fantastic beverage to pair with food. Salty, sweet and tangy foods are all great options for pairing with hot chocolate.

Salty Pairings

Salty foods act as a foil to hot chocolate's intense sweetness. Avoid greasy salty snacks, as they will clash with the richness of cocoa. These salty foods are your best bets for hot chocolate pairings:

  • Air-popped popcorn with salt and (optional) chocolate-friendly spices
  • Peanut butter on rice cakes or grainy bread
  • Salted soft pretzels
  • Spiced, roasted almonds (or other nuts)
  • Toasted pumpkin seeds
Sweet Pairings

Sweet foods can be paired with hot chocolate in moderation. Generally, the best sweet food pairings for hot chocolate with be sweets with a pronounced flavor, such as mint. Here are my favorite sweet hot chocolate pairings:

  • Angel food cake drizzled with caramel sauce or crème de menthe liqueur
  • Anything with peppermint (mints, chocolates, candy canes, etc.)
  • Caramel candy or dulce de leche frozen yogurt
  • Tart, candied fruits, such as candied lemons with the peel

Tangy Pairings

Tangy fruits play off of hot chocolate's sweetness while refreshing and cleansing the palate. Pair these fruits with your next cup of cocoa, and remember - the tangier the better!

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