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Scone Recipes

How to Make All Kinds of Scones


An image of Ginger Orange Scones.

These Easy Ginger-Orange scones can be prepared in about 20 minutes.

Lindsey Goodwin

Scones are a staple of afternoon tea in many parts of the world. It's no wonder, then, that there are countless styles of scones, ranging from cinnamon-raisin to cheddar-herb to white chocolate chip to gingerbread. Explore the many styles of scones with this scone recipe collection, which includes basic scones tips and tutorials, as well as an exhaustive list of scone recipes.

Scone Tutorials

  • Danilo Alfaro of About Culinary Arts has created an illustrated guide to making scones. It's a great starting point for new scone bakers and a good refresher for those who have already baked their fair share of scones.
  • Amy Lawrence (afternoon tea cookbook author and founder of An Afternoon to Remember) shared her advanced tips for making scones with me a while back. She has years of experience and many, many customers who stand by her scone-making techniques.
  • Elaine Lemm of About British & Irish Food posted these helpful these scone-making tips. It's a quick read and it covers all the basics. In a separate article, she also covers the history and culture of British scones. Fascinating!
Plain Scones

Plain scones can be a fantastic way to showcase lemon curd, homemade jam, Devonshire cream or as a good Strawberry Shortcake. You can also use Amy's scone-making tips to adapt plain scone recipes into more complex scone recipes. And, although we usually think of scones as something you pair with tea, plain scones are delicious with paired with Costa Rican coffee. Dried Fruit Scone Recipes

Dried fruit scones are enormously popular, in part because they are incredibly easy to make and they can be made any time of year. These dried fruit scone recipes range from classic to avant-garde: Other Fruit Scone Recipes

When fresh fruit is in season, it can be a splendid addition to scones. From strawberries to pumpkins, there are all kinds of fresh ingredients you can incorporate into your scones. Read more on other chocolate scone recipes, other sweet scone recipes, savory scone recipes and scone recipes for special dietary needs.
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