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Tea & Breakfast Pairings

Find the Best Teas for Breakfast or Brunch


Breakfast (or brunch) and tea are a natural match. From classics like toast with English Breakfast to decadently complex pairings like pumpkin bread with Masala Chai or veggie pastries with Gunpowder green tea, there are countless ways to pair morning meals with tea. Learn which teas pair best with which breakfast and brunch foods in this illustrated guide to tea pairings.
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An image of toast with various toppings.Toast With TeaAn image of fresh Moyer Plums.Fresh Fruit With TeaAn image of oatmeal with Bananas, walnuts, cranberries and brown sugar.Oatmeal With TeaAn image of fresh-baked croissants and chocolate croissants.Pastries With Tea
An image of a raspberry smoothie made with lemon yogurt.Smoothies/Yogurt With TeaAn image of Zucchini Bread.Quick Breads With TeaAn image of baked eggs with smoked sausage and tomatoes.Country Breakfast With Tea
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