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Glossary of Coffee, Tea, Tisane & Hot Chocolate Terms

Get definitions for coffee terms, tea terms and hot chocolate terms in this hot drinks glossary.
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Apple Cider
Hot or cold, this beverage enjoys widespread popularity in America and parts of Canada each fall and winter.

What is caffeine?

Decaf Definition
Learn the difference between decaf and caffeine free with the definition of decaffeination.

Although the term 'digestif' is usually applied to liqueurs and higher gravity wines, it can also be applied to other drinks.

Hot Chocolate
Do you know the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa?

Iced Hot Chocolate
Iced hot chocolate is both a contradiction of terms and an increasingly popular drink.

Hot Cocoa
Hot cocoa is frequently (and incorrectly) called hot chocolate. Learn the difference between the two.

The molinillo is a tool used for making drinking chocolate. Learn more.

What is Simple Syrup?
Simple syrup makes preparing iced drinks, flavored drinks and topped sweets a breeze. You can buy it, but it's far more economical to make it yourself. Learn more about simple syrup, including what it is, how to make it and more.

What's a Sally Lunn?
If you love afternoon tea or have spent time in Bath, England, you've probably heard of a Sally Lunn. Learn more about this fascinating food and how it relates to tea.

Cap (Coffee Drinks)
Get the definition for the coffee ordering term "cap."

Double Definition
Get the definition for "double" as it relates to coffee.

Samovar Magalog
A new, semi-annual, small-format magazine/catalog hybrid about the tea lifestyle and Samovar Tea Lounge’s product offerings.

World Tea News
An online, weekly industry publication with features on a range of industry trends and tea news items from around the world.

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