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What is a Cappuccino?


An image of a Cappuccino in a clear glass mug.

Cappuccini are very popular in Italy and elsewhere. They are made of espresso and foamed milk.

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: A traditional Italian cappuccino is a single espresso shot topped with equal parts steamed and frothed milk (in a ratio of 1:1:1) served in a 4 to 6 ounce preheated bowl-shaped cup. Many in the American market have adapted this recipe, incorporating more steamed and frothed milk.

The foam that tops a cappuccino acts as a natural insulator, keeping the drink warmer longer.

Try it if you want a balanced flavor of rich, sweet foamed milk and espresso, or if you want your drink to stay hot longer in cold weather.
Pronunciation: kah-poo-chee-noh
Also Known As: Cap (slang)

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