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Definition: Decoction is a method of making tisanes and some teas (such as masala chai). It involves placing plant matter in a non-aluminum pot with cool water, bringing the mixture to a boil, boiling the mixture until two-thirds of the water has evaporated, and then straining the mixture before consumption.

Compare decoction to infusion, which is also a common way to prepare teas and tisanes. Decoctions release more essential oils and flavor from plant matter and are often used for plant matter with tough surfaces or smaller surface areas.

Leaf, flower and seed tisanes are generally made with the infusion method. Bark, root and berry tisanes are generally prepared with the decoction method.

Like "infusion," "decoction" may also refer to the beverage that results from the process of decoction.
Pronunciation: de-cock-shun

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