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Infusion Definition


Tisanes come in many shapes, sizes and colors

Clockwise from top left, chamomile flowers, lemon verbena leaves, mixed dried fruits/berries, a cocoa nib/spice/rooibos blend and a seed/spice/lemongrass blend

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: A popular method of preparing teas and tisanes. This tea / "herbal tea" preparation method typically involves pouring hot water over plant matter (such as dried leaves or berries), waiting for a period of time and then removing the plant matter before consumption.

"Infusion" may also refer to the infused beverage itself. It is sometimes used to refer specifically to tisanes, which may be called "herbal infusions," but it can also refer to true teas.

The infusion method differs from decoction in that the water is not continuously heated or boiled away as the plant matter steeps. This may result in a weaker beverage.
Pronunciation: in-few-shun
Also Known As: brew, steep, herbal tea, tisane

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