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Pu-erh Tea


An image of Teance 2001 Aged Private Reserve Puer

Some aged puer is collected as a form of investment. It may be sold for very high sums.

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: Pu-erh (also commonly spelled "puer" and "pu'er") is a rare form of tea with a deep, rich flavor. It is oxidized (like black tea), but also put through a secondary process of fermentation (like wine or cheese). The process may take time (as with aged pu-erh) or may be expedited (as with "ripened" pu-erh). Pu-erh commonly comes in shaped forms, such as bricks, cakes (which are disc-shaped and also known as "bing cha") and "tuo cha" (which are shaped like tiny bowls), but it may also be in loose form (like other loose-leaf teas) or packed into pomelo fruit or bamboo stalks. Occasionally, it is available in teabags, It may be blended with other in ingredients, such as chrysanthemum blossoms or ginger.
Pronunciation: poo-air
Alternate Spellings: puer tea, pu'er tea, pu er tea, puerh tea

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