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Rooibos (Red Bush Tea)


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Rooibos is also known as "red bush" or "red tea."

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: A tisane ("herbal tea") made from a small, evergreen shrub that grows outside Capetown, South Africa. It is also known as "red bush" or "red tea" and is known for its woody-sweet, lightly tannic flavor. Most rooibos is oxidized, though it is also available "green" (unoxidized). Due to the naturally sweet flavor of rooibos, it is often used in so-called "dessert teas," teas that are blended with ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, caramel and fruits for a sweet flavor.
Pronunciation: roy-BOSS
Also Known As: red bush, red tea
Common Misspellings: roobios

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