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Tisane (Herbal Tea)


Tisanes come in many shapes, sizes and colors

Clockwise from top left, chamomile flowers, lemon verbena leaves, mixed dried fruits/berries, a cocoa nib/spice/rooibos blend and a seed/spice/lemongrass blend

Lindsey Goodwin
Definition: A beverage made from an infusion (steeping) or decoction (boiling) of herbs other than camellia Sinensis.

Tisanes are also commonly known as "herbal teas," "herbal infusions" or "infusions," or "botanicals." They are not technically teas.

Common tisanes include chamomile, mint and rooibos. Some tisanes are blended with actual teas to create tea blends.
Pronunciation: tea-zahn
Also Known As: herbal tea, botanical, herbal infusion, infusion

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