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Top 8 Coffee Grinders


To make the freshest cup of coffee possible, you should grind the beans yourself. Then you know it's fresh and you can also adjust the coarseness of the finished coffee.

1. Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder

Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder
Now this is a grinder for the every day coffee drinker. It's got a stainless steel blade and can hold 2.5 oz of coffee beans. You can tuck the cord in to keep your counter tidy. $25
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2. Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder

Delonghi Coffee Grinder
It's hard to believe you can get a Delonghi for such a low price. This burr grinder comes in white or black. You can even set it for a certain number of tablespoons of ground coffee. $30
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3. Solis Maestro Coffee Grinder

Solis Maestro Coffee Grinder
Another high-quality, conical burr grinder. It's clean and quiet, and it doesn't heat up. That helps to protect the essential oils and flavours in the coffee. It can hold 5oz of ground coffee when you're done. $100
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4. Capresso Burr Grinder Select

Capresso Burr Grinder Select
The conical burr of the Capresso grinder grinds your coffee to uniform size every time. Simple to use with just one button operation. $60

5. Krups Fast Touch Grinder

Krups Fast Touch Coffee GrinderKrups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder
Here's a name we all know and love. The Krups coffee mill is small and just right for folks on a budget. It's a blade grinder, and could be used for spices or herbs too. $22

6. La Pavoni

La Pavoni Coffee Grinder
These grinders will add a stylish element to your counter-top, in either brass or chrome finish. Lots of features, with 9 settings and 1/4 lb bean capacity. $230

7. Kitchenaid Blade Grinder

Kitchenaide Coffee Grinder
A simple blade grinder that comes in standard white and black, as well as red (for a snazzier look). $40

8. Kitchenaid Pro Line Grinder

Kitchenaid Pro Line Coffee Grinder
You'll be grinding your beans like a pro, with the Pro Line grinder. It's a compact burr grinder that runs with a low speed to prevent overheating your beans. The hopper holds 7-oz of beans and most of the parts are dishwasher safe. $150
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