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Effects of Coffee and Tea on Heart Disease


When it comes to cardiac disease and hearth health, you'll get a mixed bag of reports when it comes to the effects of coffee or tea.

Excessive coffee drinking is often thought to lead to higher blood pressure. It's been shown that drinking 4-5 cups of coffee can raise your blood pressure by 5 points, compared to having only 1 cup. This isn't a huge amount, but the consequences over the years can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Coffee also may raise homocysteine levels in the blood, which is considered a risk factor for heart attacks.<p> Then again, a study in 2000 with 20,000 Finnish men and women gave the surprising evidence that coffee drinking didn't result in a higher incident of heart disease. So perhaps coffee isn't so bad for your heart after all.

A Scottish Heart Health study, examined people who drank large amounts of coffee or tea. Those who drank coffee had healthier hearts than those who drank tea, which seems to go against the popular opinion that tea is better for you than coffee. The researchers were quick to point out that they did not take lifestyle or diet into account for this study.

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