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International Tea Drinks


An image of Creamy Milk Tea, a.k.a.

Hong Kong Milk Tea (or "Pantyhose Milk Tea") originated in Hong Kong when the British brought over the custom of adding milk to black tea.

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Kashmiri Chai. Tibetan Yak Butter Pu-erh. Cha Manao. There's an enormous range of traditional tea drinks from around the world. Learn about different drinks' origins, flavors and more with this guide to international tea drinks.

Bata Bata: A Japanese tea drink made with a pu-erh-like black tea and eaten alongside snack foods like pickles or fried tofu

Bubble Tea: A relatively new Taiwanese tea drink made with smoothie-like, frothed tea made with milk, fruit and/or other ingredients; it may also include cubes or spheres of tapioca, agar agar or other jelly-like substances, in which case it is also known as "Tapioca Pearl Tea" or "Boba Tea"

Cha Manao: A variation on Thai Iced Tea made with lime juice instead of condensed milk

Cha Yen: See "Thai Tea"

Chai: See "Masala Chai"

Hong Kong Milk Tea: A.k.a. "Pantyhose Milk Tea," Hong Kong Milk Tea is a combination of black tea and sweetened condensed milk that is popular in Hong Kong.

Iri Ko: A Japanese tea paste from the Fukui Prefecture made with corn powder or soba powder and bancha tea

Kashmiri Chai: A variation on classic Masala Chai made with green tea and a somewhat different spice balance

Kombucha: A fermented sweet tea drink that originated somewhere in Asia and recently became a trendy health drink in the U.S.

Masala Chai: An Indian blend of black tea, sugar, milk and regionally varying spice mixtures

Matcha: A Japanese powdered green tea that is traditionally whisked into tea; it can also be blended into green tea smoothies or green tea lattes, or used as an ingredient in foods

Obuku Cha: A Japanese New Years "tea" from the Kyoto region made with umeboshi plums and kombu seaweed

Pantyhose Milk Tea: See "Hong Kong Milk Tea"

Sweet Tea: A sweetened, iced black tea drink that is popular in the Southeastern United States; although many variations exist, it's typically made with teabags, lemon juice and refined sugar

Tapioca Pearl Tea: Also known as "Boba Tea," this smoothie-like tea drink contains pieces of tapioca or other jelly-like substances that are drunk through a wide straw. It became popular in Taiwan during the 1980s.

Tea Punch: A mixture of tea, juice, sugar, spices and (sometimes) alcohol that was popularized in Europe, but was probably based on a similar Indian fruit punch

Teh Tarik: Also known as "Malaysian Pulled Tea," this mixture of black tea and evaporated milk is poured back and forth between two pots until it is light and frothy.

Thai Tea: A blend of powdered, spiced black tea, sugar and evaporated milk; it may be served hot or iced

Tibetan Yak Butter Tea: A boiled mixture of yak butter and pu-erh

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