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Romantic Teas

Teas for Weddings, Anniversaries & Valentine's Day


In many cultures, alcohol is the go-to beverage for romantic occasions. However, there are also longstanding traditions surrounding tea and weddings in Chinese culture, wedding "tea" (an afternoon tea event) is a part of some Western weddings, and many tea drinkers are now finding that sharing tea with a loved one can be every bit as romantic as sharing champagne.

Flowering Teas

An image of a blossomed, rosette-style flowering tea (a.k.a. "blooming tea" or "display tea").
Lindsey Goodwin
Also known as "blooming teas" or "display teas," flowering teas are hand-tied bundles of tealeaves that open into extravagant displays. Some contain flowers inside, while others open into sculptural forms made purely of tealeaves and tea buds.

Place your flowering tea in a clear pot or large wine glass, add hot water, and enjoy the show with your partner.
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Chrysanthemum Blossoms

An image of Dao Tea's Wild Chrysanthemum Blossoms.
Marko Goodwin
Technically a tisane / "herbal tea," chrysanthemum "tea" has an etherial look and gentle flavor that makes it perfect for steeping in a wine glass or elegant pitcher. I particularly recommend Dao Tea's Wild Chrysanthemum.

Alternatives to chrysanthemum flowers include chamomile flowers and osmanthus flowers.
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Rose Teas

A bouquet of roses may be trite, but a rose tea can capture the romance of roses with a little more spark and creativity.

Roses have been used to scent and flavor tea in Southern China for hundreds of years. These days, they are blended into various teas (mostly black teas and white teas) for flavor, aroma and color. For a caffeine-free version of rose tea, try a rose "tea" by another name -- a rose tisane or rose blossoms.
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Jasmine Pearl Teas

An image of Fujian Jasmine Pearl from dagio's Maestro Collection.
Marko Goodwin
Good quality Jasmine Pearls are made of hand-rolled tea buds that have been scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. They smell elegant, smooth and sweet, like a fine perfume, and they have a delicate aftertaste that lingers on the lips. Romantic? Heck, yeah!
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Chocolate Teas

Love them or hate them, chocolate teas are becoming a popular flavored tea in North America and Europe. They can be a good alternative to the more traditional gift of a box of chocolates. However, if you're not opposed to the tradition of chocolate as a romantic gift, I suggest checking out these tea chocolates.
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Dessert Teas

An image of Rishi Tea's Cinnamon Plum blend.
Marko Goodwin
If you're looking for something sweet for your sweetheart, check out dessert teas. Dessert teas are sweet-tasting teas that are typically blended with vanilla, caramel, fruit or other sweet ingredients. For example, naturally sweet Cinnamon Plum Rooibos from Rishi Tea is a dessert tea.

Kama Chai Sutra Tea

Tavalon Tea's Kama Chai Sutra Tea is an invigorating blend of black tea, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla beans. It was created by Chris Cason, who was my co-judge for the Tea Recipe Contest here on About Coffee / Tea.

Amore Tea

Art of Tea's Amore Tea is a romantic blend of organic white tea, roses and mint. A similar tea is are available from Rishi Tea: White Tea Rose Melange.

Full disclosure: I have worked with The Art of Tea on a freelance basis.

Tay Tea's Romantic Tea Blends

Tay Tea has a fantastic line of romantic teas, including Lovers Tea, Persian Rose, Marry Me Again, Better Than Sex and Duchess' First Love. My personal favorite from the line is Persian Rose -- it is absolutely intoxicating.

Romantic Tea Samplers

Several tea companies offer romantic tea samplers. Ask your favorite tea companies if they have a sampler, or if they can recommend romantic teas for a romantic tea gift set.

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