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Hot Coffee Recipes

No need to drink plain coffee everyday. It's easy to get creative and make a gourmet beverage for yourself.
Alpine Cafe
A very easy recipe, with instant coffee and a bit of brown sugar.
Arabian Coffee
A lightly spiced coffee made traditionally, without a filter.
Black Forest Coffee
Like drinking a cup of cake.
Cafe con Miel
Just enough honey to make it delicious.
Cafe de Olla
A sweet coffee drink, made with chocolate.
Caribe Cafe
A mix of ground coffee and spices that you make up before brewing.
Caffe Francais
Whipped cream is part of the drink, not just the topping.
Coconut Milk Coffee
A thick and tropical coffee recipe, using a whole coconut!
Coffee Grog
A rich, spicy, sweet delight.
European Coffee
Basic coffee, thickened up with vanilla and beaten egg whites.
Holiday au Lait
A few spices with lots of milk and vanilla.
Maple Coffee
Heavy on the maple syrup for this drink.
Mediterranean Coffee
You'll notice the anise seed in this one.
Mocha with Cinnamon Cream
A little bit of chocolate along with the hot coffee, and topped with freshly whipped cinnamon cream.
Mexican Coffee
Hot coffee with chocolate and brown sugar.
Molasses and Cream Coffee
It doesn't take a lot of molasses to add flavour to your coffee.
Orange Coffee
Just a hint of sweetness and orange in this one. The measurements are a bit vague.
Sesame Cup
Sesame seeds are an unusual addition to this simple coffee recipe.
Pumpkin Pie Latte
The perfect coffee recipe for the Halloween season.
West Indies Coffee
This coffee drink is mostly milk, with coffee and brown sugar.
White Chocolate Coffee
This is both a coffee recipe and a hot chocolate recipe. Very nice either way.
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