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Hot Coffee Recipes - Alcoholic

So many liqueurs blend well with a nice mug of hot coffee. Add some zip to your cup!
Almond Coffee Cream
A bit of almond liqueur goes well with the hot cream.
Black Gold
Five different spirits in this coffee drink really give it a rich taste, and quite a kick.
Cafe Brulot
Ignite the brandy before serving, for a dramatic drink.
Cafe Nero
An unusual recipe, and you'll have to approximate the quantities.
Cajun Coffee
Rum and molasses with coffee. Delicious.
Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee
An elegant beverage, served in a warm wine glass.
Colonial Coffee
Kahlua and brandy make this a fine drink to warm you up.
Danish Coffee
You can really taste the rum in this one, great for a crowd.
Hot Buttered Coffee
A little butter gives this recipe a decadent smoothness.
Irish Coffee
A classic hot coffee recipe.
Irish Fantasy
This recipe whips up fast, using instant coffee.
Jamaican Coffee
Get a taste of the islands with this creamy coffee, mixed with rum.
Keoki Coffee
Brandy and Kahlua blend smoothly in this recipe.
Night in Florida
A potent mix of different tastes in this drink.
Nose Warmer
A whole concoction of liqueurs make this a rich and smooth treat.
Orleans Coffee
A flaming drink that will impress at a party.
Praline Coffee
Creamy like cocoa, but flavoured with praline liquor.
Orange Coffee Cocktail
Add a little citrus zest to your cup, with some orange vodka.
Spanish Coffee
Tia Maria, rum and coffee. Nice and easy.
Vermont Coffee
Maple syrup and rum gives this drink a taste of the outdoors.
Top Spirits That Go With Coffee
Spike up your coffee with any of these liqueurs that go so well with hot coffee.
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