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Hot Tea Recipes

Tea doesn't have to be dull. There are lots of great recipes for hot tea drinks.
Vanilla Chai Recipe
Vanilla Chai Recipe
Four Spice Chai Recipe
Recipe for four spice chai
Almond Tea
Not just almond, but lemon and vanilla too.
A cappuccino for tea lovers. It's really milk tea with brown sugar.
Chocolate Mint Tea
Chocolate goes well with tea, not just coffee.
Cran-Ginger Tea
A tangy blend of ginger and cranberries.
Kashmiri Tea
A chai recipe with powdered almonds.
Marmalade Tea
A sharply citrus tea, made with lemon juice and orange marmalade.
Masala Spice Chai
One of my own favorite recipes for spiced tea, or chai.
Moon Chai
A huge number of exotic spices in this chai recipe.
Mulled Pineapple Tea
Almost like a mulled cider, but with pineapple juice.
Saffron Tea
Beware, saffron is mighty expensive.
Spicy Milk Tea
A recipe for chai tea, with extra milk.
Tangerine Tea
A lightly spiced tea, with a twist of tangerine.
Tea Nog
An alternative to traditional holiday egg nog.
Tea Zing
Whole peppercorns give this recipe some kick.
Traditional Chai
A traditional spiced tea (or chai) recipe.
Warm Sipper
Hopefully, your supermarket carries apricot juice.
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