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Iced Tea Recipes - Alcoholic

Coffee isn't the only drink you can spike on those hot summer days. Plenty of iced tea drinks can be make with a shot of liquour or two.
Bengal Tiger Tea
Add a bit of roar to your tea with bitters and cognac.
Chai Naya
If you're looking for something a little different in a tea cocktail, this steeped vodka drink should fit the bill.
Southern Kick
Whisky and Southern Comfort give this iced tea a kick.
Spiced Rum Iced Tea
Ahoy mate! Iced tea with a splash of spiced rum and lemon.
Tea Spike
Rum and creme de cacao, with iced tea.
Long Island Iced Tea
The Long Island Iced Tea is an alcoholc, mixed drink that does not contain any tea whatsoever. But since people are always looking for recipes, here are a few.
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