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Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mixes

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An image of Jaipur Avenue's instant Ginger Chai Mix in a box.

Jaipur Avenue offers flavorful chai mixes in colorful, giftable packaging.

Lindsey Goodwin
It's rare that an instant tea surprises me in a good way, but Seattle-based Jaipur Avenue's line of all-natural, instant "chai tea" (masala chai) mixes did just that. Jaipur Avenue produces several single-spice chai mixes, as well as an "Original Masala" mixture, each packaged in individual serving sizes and giftable boxes.

Like most liquid or powdered instant chais, Jaipur Avenue's instant chai mixes are very easy to make. Each pre-measured packet can be mixed with hot water, cold water, or ice and cold milk. No matter which preparation method you use, the mix dissolves readily and has a great flavor.

Read individual reviews for each chai mix below. My personal favorites are the Saffron Chai Mix and the Cardamom Chai Mix, but as far as instant teas go, they are all worthy of five stars (even if their name does mean "tea tea").

Jaipur Avenue Cardamom Chai Tea Mix

A kulfi-like aroma in this chai mix let me know that it was serious about its cardamom content. The blend is sweet, spicy and a little nutty, with a green, woodsy note (as it's made with green cardamom, not black cardamom). The cardamom is a distinct flavor and it lingers in the finish. This comforting blend would be a great tea for enjoying after dinner.

Jaipur Avenue Ginger Chai Tea Mix

Pungent and spicy, this chai mix has more heat than any of the other teas in the line... especially in its fiery finish. Although it has a sharp, bold ginger note, it's still sweet and creamy. I especially recommend it to fans of ginger tea.

Jaipur Avenue Original Masala Chai Tea Mix

Out of the whole line, this balance of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and peppercorn is the most similar to the coffeeshop chai that so many North Americans know and love. However, its flavors are fresher and bolder than your typical coffeeshop chai's, and it has a stronger cardamom note than most. Although the most unique thing about Jaipur Avenue is the fact that it offers single-spice chais, their Original Masala blend is definitely worth checking out, too.

Jaipur Avenue Saffron Chai Tea Mix

Saffron is a common ingredient in Kashmiri Kawah, or Kashmiri Chai, but the cost of saffron makes it rare elsewhere. That's a shame, because saffron lends a sweet, exotic, complex flavor to chai that's hard to beat. Thankfully, Jaipur Avenue nails it with their saffron blend, which has a creamy texture and saffron-heavy flavor. If you're looking for something completely different from other masala chai blends on the market, try this one first.

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