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Peppermint Oregon Chai Review

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An image of Oregon Chai Peppermint Original chai latte concentrate in its packaging.

The peppermint candy pictured on Oregon Chai Peppermint Original hints at its candy-sweet peppermint flavor.

Marko Goodwin
Peppermint Oregon Chai is a seasonal, instant "chai tea" concentrate with natural peppermint flavor. It's an organic, all-natural chai syrup that is easy to make into masala chai lattes and other chai drinks. It has a flavor that appeals to fans of sweet, flavored chai lattes.


Oregon Chai Peppermint Original chai concentrate is made with organic, all-natural ingredients, including organic black tea, natural flavors and extracts, organic honey, organic evaporated cane syrup and citric acid.


Equal parts Peppermint Oregon Chai and milk or milk alternative can be mixed for an instant chai latte. You can also used Peppermint Oregon Chai to make chai smoothies, chai milkshakes, iced / blended chai lattes and other chai drinks.


Blended equally with 1% low-fat milk, Peppermint Oregon Chai has a balanced mint-chai flavor. It's quite sweet, almost like a peppermint candy. The finish is almost cloyingly sweet, but its sweetness lessens when it's blended into an iced chai latte.


This instant chai is great for chai fans who want a quick, easy way to make chai drinks at home. It has a sweet flavor that appeals to fans of flavored coffeehouse drinks like steamers and egg creams. It's also a good choice for people looking for wintery, seasonal flavors for their beverages.
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