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Rishi Tea Masala Chai Tea Concentrate Review

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An image of the packaging for Rishi Tea's Masala Chai Tea Concentrate.

Rishi's vegan Masala Chai Tea Concentrate can be used to make hot masala chai, iced or blended chai lattes, chai milkshakes and much more.

Marko Goodwin
In terms of ingredients, flavor and eco-friendliness, Rishi Tea's liquid Masala Chai Tea Concentrate is one of the best masala chai concentrates on the market. It is organic, it's Fair Trade and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Jane Goodall Institute.


This all-natural, vegan masala chai concentrate is made with the following ingredients:

Tasting Notes

Prepared hot with whole milk, Rishi's Masala Chai Tea Concentrate has a fantastic aroma, a rich, balanced, complex flavor profile and a creamy texture. It's great in small portions as a snack or dessert.

Prepared iced with hemp milk, it's much lighter and more refreshing. It's great for summer and also dangerously chuggable.

Prepared as an iced, blended chai latte with whole milk, it's spicier and less sweet than a Starbuck chai latte. I found it to be much more like homemade masala chai in this regard.

Overall Opinion

Nothing quite beats homemade chai, but this is one of the best masala chai concentrates I've tried. I prefer it to most of the heavily sweetened coffeeshop chais out there. However, if you prefer you masala chai extra sweet, you can easily make Rishi's concentrate sweeter with the addition of honey, white chocolate syrup or milk chocolate syrup.
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 5 out of 5
Simply awesome, Member cruisinid

First off, I am not a tea drinker... that was until my friend suggested I try a chai latte with vanilla flavor soy milk. It is simply incredible! Drink hot or cold. I used to pay $5 for a cup of this every day at the local tea store, now I can make my own at home for a fraction of the price.. and best of all, not only is this item a fair trade item, and made from organic ingredients, but part of the proceeds will go the the Jane Goodall foundation as well!! And, if you google Rishi promo code you will likely find a discount code when you order online!

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