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Top 7 Bottled Coffee Drinks


Iced coffee became the new hit drink last summer, and now there are several bottled brands to choose from. Pick your favourite and take your java on the go!

1. Planet Java

Planet Java Coffee Soda
Coca-cola has jumped into the bottled coffee market with 3 flavours of Planet Java. Just like a thick latte in a bottle.

2. Shock

Shock Coffee Sodas
You can get Shock coffee drinks in either straight coffee flavour or chocolate mocha. They're sweet and creamy but you can't miss the solid coffee punch.

3. Borgnine's Coffee Soda

Borgnine's Coffee Soda
Unlike the other drinks above, this coffee soda is not a creamy bottled coffee. It's a blend of cola and coffee that is bubbly and not overly sweet. It's a little known brand, so you may have to search to find it.

4. Jolt Espresso

Jolt Cola
I'm sure you know the name Jolt from their super-charged cola drinks. Well, their bottled espresso cola is a coffee/soda blend that has the typical Jolt caffeine load.

5. Manhatten Special

Manhatten Special Coffee Soda
Manhatten Special carries several lines of coffee drinks: a bottled espresso soda, and 4 flavours of iced coffee. An excellent choice for coffee cola lovers.

6. Frappuccino ™

The Starbucks drink that started it all. These cold and creamy coffee drinks actually come in 7 different flavours, including vanilla and hazelnut. Originally sold just at Starbucks, you can sometimes find these in your local supermarket.

7. Bustelo Cool

Bustelo Cool
Another coffee drink that's thick and creamy. Its a cafe con leche in a can, making it the perfect portable espresso treat.

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