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GT's Organic Raw Kombucha: Multi-Green

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GT's Organic Raw Multi-Green Kombucha is an intense kombucha drink fortified with supergreens. Not for the faint of heart, this formulation is geared toward the seriously health conscious amongst you.

The Greens

GT's Multi-Green Kombucha is made with blue-green algae, spirulina and chlorella. The algae is sourced from the Klamath Mountains, which are located in Northwestern California and Southwestern Oregon, an area known for its flourishing ecology and low human population.

Tasting Notes

Color: dauntingly green
Aroma: tart, funky, kale-like
Flavor: tangy, with a serious green-herb flavor, especially in the finish
Aftertaste: nutty (sesame / tahini), with notes of wilted kale, spinach and spirulina


If you're accustomed to added supergreens in your food, you'll love this drink from GT. If not, it will take some getting used to!
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