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Rishi Green Tea Chai Review

An Unusual Chai Blend

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An image of Rishi Tea's Green Tea Chai tealeaves and herbs.

Lemongrass gives this green tea chai blend an unusually zesty flavor.

Lindsey Goodwin
Rishi Tea's Green Tea Chai is an unusual twist on classic masala chai blends. It appears to be a combination of pan-fired green tea and Rishi's Unity botanical (caffeine-free) blend. It's low in caffeine and features zesty lemongrass.


This organic chai is a blend of traditional and unusual masala chai spices. It includes organic cardamom, organic Fair Trade green tea, organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic licorice root, organic black pepper and organic peppermint.


Rishi recommends preparing this chai as a decoction by boiling it with milk and water for three to five minutes, straining the tealeaves and then sweetening the tea to taste. It can also be infused with hot water and seasoned with milk and / or sugar to taste.

Tasting Notes

Appearance -- A colorful melange of herbs and green tea brews into a murky golden color.
Aroma -- Dry, it smells like a Thai variation on masala chai. The brew smells like lemongrass and ginger.
Infused Flavor -- Lemongrass zing with underlying ginger and cardamom spice notes.
Infused With Sugar -- Sugar adds depth and complexity to the flavor. Great iced.
Infused With Milk & Sugar -- Between the color (lemon sorbet) and flavor (citrusy and milky), it's a little weird, but not too bad.
Boiled With Milk & Water -- Tastes like a mild chai with a distinctive lemongrass note and a warm ginger finish.
Boiled With Milk, Water & Sugar -- Lighter and more refreshing than a more traditional masala chai. Great iced.


If you plan to prepare this like a traditional chai, but you want a lighter flavor than most chais, then I highly recommend it. If you plan to infuse it without milk or sugar, I'd recommend Rishi's caffeine-free Unity botanical blend instead, as it has a livelier flavor. If you're looking for a more classic chai, I'd recommend Rishi's Masala Chai or Masala Chai Tea Concentrate.
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