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Hot Chocolate Recipes

How to Make Hot Chocolate Mix, Frozen Hot Chocolate & More


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There are so many types of hot chocolate recipes in the world. Some recipe (like those with marshmallows and peppermint) make perfect holiday drinks for kids, while others (like those with liqueurs) are best for more adult holiday celebrations. Some classic hot chocolate recipes can be prepared around a campfire, while many hot cocoa mixes can be made in advance and given out as holiday gifts.

This hot chocolate recipe collection includes all these types of hot chocolate recipes, as well as frozen hot chocolate recipes, Mexican hot chocolate recipes, white hot chocolate recipes and more.

Hot Chocolate Recipe Basics

If you've never made true hot chocolate (with melted chocolate) instead of hot cocoa (with cocoa powder), then watch this hot chocolate video or read these hot chocolate preparation tips before trying the recipes below. Alternately, you can opt for hot cocoa recipes.

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipes

These classic hot chocolate recipes are made with melted chocolate, not cocoa powder. Spiced / Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipes

These spiced and Mexican hot chocolate recipes include ingredients like cinnamon and cayenne. Other Flavored Hot Chocolate Recipes

Spiced hot chocolate will always be a favorite during winter, but orange zest, ginger, almonds and peanut butter can make your hot chocolate truly memorable. White Hot Chocolate Recipes

White hot chocolate is a delicious variation on traditional hot chocolate. Iced / Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipes

Made popular by Serendipity 3 in New York City, frozen hot chocolate is a great drink for dessert or snacks. These recipes range from sparkling beverages to milkshake-like drinks. Spiked / Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes

Like egg nog, sometimes hot chocolate is better when it's spiked. Large Batch Hot Chocolate Recipes

Looking to entertain a group (or even a crowd) during the holidays? Try one of these large batch hot chocolate recipes: For healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free & vegan hot chocolate recipes and for hot chocolate dessert recipes, see the links below. For hot cocoa recipes, continue reading page two of this article.
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