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Hot Milk Drink Recipes

Milk Steamers, Hot Chocolate, Hot Milk Tea & More


Steamed, frothed or foamed, hot milk is a key ingredient in many popular beverages, including milk steamers, egg nog and many espresso drinks. This collection of hot milk drinks includes a range of warming, comforting beverages with and without caffeine.

Milk Steamer Recipes

An image of a Caramel Steamer made of steamed milk and Caramel Torani Syrup.
Lindsey Goodwin

Milk steamers are a blend of steamed, frothy, hot milk and flavor. This collection of milk steamer recipes includes traditional steamer recipes, dairy-free steamer recipes and steamer recipes using sweeteners and spices in lieu of flavored sryups.

Eggnog Recipes

An image of egg nog and nutmeg in a mug.
Marko Goodwin

Eggnog recipes vary in many ways. Whether you like your eggnog cooked or "raw," with or without alcohol, or in single-servings or large batches, you'll find one you love in this collection of eggnog recipes. I particularly recommend this Cooked Holiday Eggnog Recipe and

Hot Chocolate Recipes

An image of hot chocolate (a.k.a. "drinking chocolate") in glass mugs
Lindsey Goodwin

These hot chocolate recipes use melted chocolate and hot milk to make incredibly comforting, warming drinks. From classic hot chocolate recipes to spiced and flavored hot chocolate recipes to spiked hot chocolate recipes, there's something for everyone.

Hot Cocoa Recipes

An image of spiced, coffee-flavored hot chocolate
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Unlike true hot chocolate, hot cocoa is made with milk and cocoa powder/chocolate syrup or with water and hot cocoa mix that's made with powdered milk. This hot cocoa recipe includes recipes for prepared hot cocoa as well as hot cocoa mix.

Masala Chai ("Chai Tea") Recipes

Stirring the masala chai spices as they simmer.
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Generally speaking, masala chai (more commonly known as "chai tea" in the U.S.) is a blend of hot milk, black tea and spices. This article on masala chai includes information on masala chai history and spices, instant masala chai reviews, and a wide range of masala chai recipes.

Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe

An image of Creamy Milk Tea, a.k.a. "Hong Kong-style milk tea" or "pantyhose milk tea"
Lindsey Goodwin

Hong Kong Milk Tea is an unusual hot milk drink from Hong Kong. It combines black tea and evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk for a strong, creamy flavor. If you also like coffee, be sure to check out the similar Yin-Yang Coffee-Tea recipe, which also features evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk.

Moroccan Hot Milk Herbal Tea

Hot milk and louiza (lemon verbena) are combined to make a soothing beverage that's popular in Morocco. This is a great caffeine-free alternative to coffee or tea in the evening.

Milk-Based Espresso Drinks

An image of a latte (caffe latte espresso drink) in a clear glass.
Marko Goodwin

Many espresso drinks use hot milk as an ingredient. Favorites include lattes, cappuccinos, espresso macchiatos and flat whites.

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