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Top Hot Chocolate Recipes

Basic Hot Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate & More


This recipe collection includes all the top hot chocolate recipes on About.com, including easy hot chocolate recipes, white hot chocolate recipes, spiked hot chocolate recipes, hot cocoa recipes and more.

Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe

This incredibly easy hot chocolate recipe skips over the need for contant stirring by combining the hot milk and chocolate in a blender. Similarly, this kid-friendly hot chocolate recipe is very easy to make, even though it uses chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Yet another easy, kid-friendly hot chocolate recipe is El Submarino, an Argentinian, make-your-own hot chocolate.

Iced Hot Cocoa Recipe

An image of Iced Hot Cocoa.
Lindsey Goodwin
Born in New York City and spread 'round the world, iced hot chocolate is a decadent, dessert-like drink that makes hot chocolate a year-round favorite. Forget that the name is a contradiction. It's chocolate you can drink... Just enjoy it!

Aztec Chili Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Aztecs were the first people to prepare chocolate as a beverage. Although their version of drinking chocolate was very different from contemporary hot chocolate, one trait has remained -- the use of chili peppers for extra flavor. This Aztec hot chocolate recipe calls for one split, seeded red chili for two servings, but you can adjust the level of spice to suit your tastes.

Chocolate Caliente (Cinnamon Hot Chocolate) Recipe

This spiced hot chocolate recipe includes vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. Other cinnamon hot chocolate recipes worth checking out include Mexican Hot Chocolate with Coffee and Cinnamon, Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Vanilla and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate.

President's Hot Chocolate Recipe

This creamy hot chocolate recipe has been served in the White House. It is gets its dense flavor from milk and light cream, but it's easy to make, as it is a hot cocoa recipe (a recipe made with cocoa powder rather than melted chocolate). For a frothier texture, whisk it just before serving.

Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate Recipe

An image of Orange Ginger Hot Cocoa in Bauhaus-inspired glass-and-wire mugs.
Lindsey Goodwin
Brown sugar gives this hot chocolate recipe a deeper, richer flavor than most. If you like flavored hot chocolates, check out these recipes for Orange-Ginger Hot Cocoa (pictured here), Almond Chocolat Chaud and Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

Parisian Hot Chocolate Recipe

Decadent and delicious, Parisian Hot Chocolate calls for whole milk and heavy cream. If you like this recipe, you might also like French Chocolat Chaud from About.com French Food.

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate Recipe

White chocolate and peppermint make this hot chocolate recipe more refreshing than most. If you prefer white hot chocolate, be sure to also try these recipes for White Chocolate Coffee and Chai-Spiced White Hot Chocolate.

Spanish Hot Chocolate Recipe

This hot chocolate recipe produces a thick, viscous hot chocolate that is meant to be sipped in small quantities. There are two versions of the recipe--one with baking chocolate and another with sweetened chocolate.

Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe

This hot chocolate recipe features two kinds of chocolate, plus half and half, for an extra-rich flavor. It's also whipped for a frothy texture.

Grand Marnier Hot Chocolate Recipe

This spiked hot chocolate recipe includes orange juice and, of course, Grand Marnier. If you like your hot chocolate with alcohol, check out Hot Chocolate for Adults (which is made with rum and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur), Kiev Chocolate (hot cocoa with vodka and Amaretto) and Hot Scotch Cocoa (hot cocoa with Butterscotch Schnapps).

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