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Top 6 Unusual Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Have a coffee-lover in your family, and want to get them a gift that's out of the ordinary? I've collected the neatest coffee-related items out there to give you some ideas.

1. A Barista Action Figure

unusual coffee gifts
Hey, since some people can't function without their morning espresso, a barista can really be a hero.

2. Java Logs

Unusual coffee gift ideas
Especially for the environmentally conscious coffee-drinker. Java logs are man-made fireplace logs that are made up mostly of coffee grounds.

3. Java Jewels

Java Jewels Coffee Bean JewelryJava Jewels Coffee Bean Jewelry
What better way to declare your love of coffee to the world? Beaded necklaces and other jewelry made with beads and coffee beans. Choose your favourite roast or varietal.

4. Just Coffee Art

coffee gifts
It's hard to believe that these amazing paintings are done entirely in coffee. Why do they paint with coffee? You'll have to visit their website to find the answer to that question.

5. A Real, Live Coffee Tree

Live Coffee Plant
An ideal gift for any coffee-lover who also has a green thumb. These plants will actually bloom and produce coffee cherries, given the right growing conditions (they do well indoors).

6. Sample of Kopi Luwak Coffee

unusual coffee gifts
Surprise someone with a gift box of the rarest coffee there is. It's also the strangest in my opinion. Kopi Luwak coffee beans have actually been eaten by a small animal before being collected and roasted.

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