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How to Make Coffee, Tea & Other Hot Drinks

From iced tea to hot chocolate and coffee cocktails to coffee ice cream, this recipe collection includes coffee recipes, tea recipes, coffee- / tea-infused food recipes and other hot drink recipes.
  1. Coffee Recipes - How to Make Coffee Drinks (29)
  2. Iced Coffee Recipes (44)
  3. How to Brew Coffee (16)
  4. Alcoholic Coffee Recipes (46)
  5. Foods With Coffee/Tea as an Ingredient (38)
  6. Milk, Sugar & More - Coffee/Tea Ingredients (30)
  7. Video Recipes (16)
  8. Hot Tea Recipes (27)
  9. Iced Tea Recipes (113)
  10. Tea Brewing Basics (6)
  11. Alcoholic Tea Recipes (34)
  12. Yerba Mate Recipes (16)
  13. Other Hot Drinks (25)
  14. Recipes for Special Dietary Needs (42)

Easy Coffee & Tea Recipes
This collection of easy coffee and tea recipes make brewing coffee and tea quick and simple.

Top 10 Cold Drinks for Summer
Iced coffee. Iced tea. Lemonade. Milkshakes. These are all the drink recipes you need to beat the heat in summertime.

Lemonade Recipes
This collection of lemonade recipes includes classic lemonade recipes, fruit lemonade recipes, herb lemonade recipes, Arnold Palmer recipes and more.

Milkshake Recipes
Learn to make everything from a basic chocolate milkshakes to a Moroccan avocado milkshake and an Oreo milkshake to a raw, vegan milkshake with this collection of the best milkshake recipes on About.com.

Share Your Favorite International Tea Recipes
Cha Manao. Kashmiri Chai. Tibetan Yak Butter pu-erh. There are all kinds of traditional tea drinks from around the world that have yet to make a splash in America. Do you have a favorite international tea recipe? Share it with About.com readers here!

Monthly Tea Recipe Contest on About.com Coffee / Tea
Check out former winners of the About.com Monthly Tea Recipe Contest here.

Green Tea Conditioner Recipe
Did you know that green tea is great for your hair and scalp? You can reap its benefits with homemade green tea conditioner. It's fun, easy and cheap to make, and your hair will love it!

How to Make a Quasi-Healthy Milkshake
Think a milkshake can't be reasonably healthy AND delicious? Get ready to make a milkshake and have your mind blown.

The Ultimate Chocolate Milkshakes Guide
Love chocolate milkshakes? Then you NEED to read this. It is the ultimate guide to making milkshakes, including dozens of secret ingredients and recipe hacks that you've never even imagined. Prepare to be wowed.

Top 10 Milkshake Flavor Combos
Let's face it: add-ins just make milkshakes better. Find out which are the best of the best with this guide to the top ten milkshake flavors, including variations, recipe hacks and gourmet upgrades.

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