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Intermediate Coffee Cocktails

How to Make Coffee Cocktails


An image of the Molé Coffee-tini Coffee Martini rimmed with spiced sugar, mole and espresso-ground c

Molé bitters and an espresso/spiced-sugar rim set this coffee martini apart.

Marko Goodwin
These intermediate coffee cocktails go beyond basic coffee cocktails with techniques like frothing milk and rimming glasses, and with homemade ingredients like spiced brown sugar and ginger simple syrup. Expand your bartending skills and coffee palate with these drinks:
  • Homemade Coffee Liqueur is a customizable variation on coffee liqueurs like Kahlua and Tia Maria.
  • This collection of Espresso Martini Recipes includes latte-like martinis, syrupy-sweet espresso martinis and relatively dry espresso martinis.
  • The Ginger Coffee Cocktail is a warming, spicy drink that can be sipped straight or on the rocks, or blended with other ingredients for a more complex drink.
  • Flavored latte lovers will adore the Cocoa Coffee Cocktail.
  • The Mole Coffee Martini spruces up a basic coffee cocktail with the addition of Mexican mole-flavored bitters and an espresso-sugar rim.
  • Scalded milk and almond liqueur set Almond Coffee Cream apart.
  • Black Gold includes no less than five spirits. If you have a well-stocked bar, try this one out!
  • Danish Coffee takes a few hours to make, but the wait is worth it.
  • Although this recipe can be made for one, A Night in Florida is also popular as a party drink.
  • Four liqueurs give Nose Warmer a full flavor that's great for cold weather.
  • Praline Coffee has the distinctive flavor of candied nuts and coffee.
If you like these recipes, check out my Basic Coffee Cocktail Recipes, Espresso Martini Recipes and other Coffee Cocktail Recipes.

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