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Monthly Tea Recipe Contest on About.com Coffee / Tea

Win a Spot in About.com's Tea Recipe Collection


An image of a non-alcoholic Green Tea Sangria made with fresh fruit and iced green tea.

The recipe for this Green Tea Sangria won the August, 2010, recipe contest.

Lindsey Goodwin
Last updated on 09/03/2011

Do you have a knack for crafting tea recipes? Each month, I’ll offer a chance for you to share your custom tea drink or tea food recipes and to win a permanent place in About.com’s tea recipe collection. If you submit a recipe, three authorities in the tea industry will review it. The winning recipe will be featured on the About.com Coffee / Tea main page and will be included in the permanent database of tea recipes here on About.com.

Details for the Current Monthly Tea Recipe Contest

Deadline: 09/30/2011 (11:59 PM EST)
Theme: Sparkling Tea Drinks (Recipes must be based around this theme in order to be considered.)
Guest Judges: Chuck Bauman and Heather Agosta, The Jasmine Pearl
How to Enter: Post your sparkling tea recipe.

Details for Previous Contests

Theme: Coffee-Tea Drinks
Winner: TBA
Guest Judge: Brent Hall, Counter Culture Coffee

Theme: Iced Tea Cocktails
Winner: The Model Tea Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe from The Manor Casual Bistro
Guest Judge: Colleen Graham, About Cocktails

Theme: Tea Smoothies
Winner: Honeydew Green Tea Smoothie from The Tea Spot
Guest Judge: Alexis Siemons, teaspoons & petals

Theme: Finger Sandwiches
Winner: Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches from Elin Headrick of Teafolio
Guest Judge: Donna Pilato, About.com's Guide to Entertaining

Theme: Black Tea Drinks
Winner: Berry Tea from Koya Designs
Guest Judge: Cynthia Fazekas, Adagio Tea

Theme: Matcha
Winner: Mixed Green Salad with Goat Cheese, Orange Slices and Matcha Dressing from Alexis Siemons of teaspoons & petals
Guest Judge: Sebastian Beckwith, In Pursuit of Tea

Theme: Holiday Tea Cocktails
Winner: Apple-Chai Martini
Guest Judge: Colleen Graham, About.com Cocktails

Theme: Masala Chai
Winner: Red Chai from The Tea Spot
Guest Judge: Jesse Jacobs, Samovar Tea Lounge

Theme: Apple Tea
Winner: Stephanie Knight of Pangea Tea Company, Chai-Spiced Apple Cider
Guest Judge: Molly Watson, About Local Foods

Theme: Iced Green Tea
Winner: KarenEComer, Green Tea Sangria
Guest Judge: David Barenholtz, American Tea Room

Theme: Frozen Tea Treats
Winner: Elin Headrick, Green Tea Smoothie Recipe
Guest Judge: Gail Baral, Algabar

Rules for Entry in the Tea Recipe Contest
  • Themes are posted near the beginning of each month and the contest ends near the end of each month. Submissions must be received before the posted deadline in order to be considered.
  • Recipes are only accepted through the online recipe submission form.
  • Off-topic recipes (recipes that are unrelated to the month’s recipe theme) will not be accepted.
  • When it suits the theme, tisanes / herbal teas / herbal infusions may be used as the basis for your “tea” recipe. (For example, if the theme is citrus, you can use a lemongrass base instead of a tea base for your recipe.)
  • You must be the creator of any tea recipe you submit. If you use any kind of classic recipe (such as Masala Chai) or ingredient (such as a specific tea blend) as the basis for your recipe, it should be immediately clear that your recipe is unique, distinctive and creative.
  • You must hold the rights to the recipes you submit. (Please note that if you created a recipe for another contest, you may not hold the rights anymore.)
  • If you recommend using a particular brand of tea, include a note for acceptable alternatives. For example, if you recommend a specific brand of Earl Grey, you could include either an alternate brand or a note about the style (such as “an Earl Grey with a strong bergamot flavor”).
  • Recipes with extremely rare, exotic ingredients will not be considered. (Madagascar vanilla is fine. A type of mango that’s only available in certain parts of India is not OK.)
  • Recipes requiring very expensive and/or uncommon equipment might not be considered. (An ice cream maker is fine. A cryo gun or sous vide cooker is not, unless otherwise specified in the theme description.)
  • Recipes may be very simple or require great skill to prepare. All recipes will be judged based on the flavor, aroma and appearance of the final product, not on the skill required to prepare them.
  • Photographs of your recipes are not required, but they are highly encouraged.
  • I reserve the right to reject or edit submissions as I see fit, but I will usually only edit for clarity and grammar and will usually only reject submissions if they are obscene, linked to a spammy site or just plain gross.
  • If I have any questions about your recipe or require clarification, I may email you.
  • You are not required to submit your name and website. Any offensive or spammy sites will not be linked.
How Winning Recipes are Selected

Each month, I will review the entries and select the top three tea recipes. A panel of tea industry leaders will then taste and review the top three recipes. After review, the panel will arrive at a consensus regarding the best tea recipe.

The Benefits of Winning

If you win the Monthly Tea Recipe Contest on About.com, your recipe, your name and a link to your professional or personal tea site will be featured on the About Coffee / Tea blog. The recipe will also be listed on this page and will be placed in the permanent About.com tea recipe collection. Full credit (including your name and link) will be included with the recipe.

About the Contest Judges

Lindsey Goodwin – I am a tea writer with expertise in tea tasting and tea recipe creation. In addition to being one of the judges, I will also select the theme and narrow down the contestants each month.

Chris Cason – Chris is an ongoing contest judge and the owner of Tavalon Tea. He is also a tea blender and a noted tea mixologist. You can check out his tea blog online.

Guest Judge – Each month, I feature a Guest Judge with expertise in the contest theme and/or in tea. The Guest Judges for September are Chuck Bauman and Heather Agosta of The Jasmine Pearl. They were inspired to start The Jasmine Pearl when their loves for tea took them to teahouses across Europe and Morocco, and today they run one of my personal favorite teahouses in the United States (largely because of the incredible sense of community they have built there). Although they usually prefer their teas pure, they also enjoy making carbonated teas, which makes them fantastic judges for this month's contest.

Enter the tea recipe contest here.

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