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How to Make a Summer Green Tea Latte


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How to Make a Summer Green Tea Latte
matcha green tea latte in a martini glass

Green tea lattes make an enticing warm weather treat.

Lindsey Goodwin
Green tea lattes are an invigorating and healthy summer treat that's great with breakfast or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Here's what you'll need for this iced, blended Summer Green Tea Latte recipe:

• 1 cup cold, unsweetened soymilk
• 1 cup ice
• 1 Tbsp warm water
• 1 Tbsp Tupelo honey (or other mild honey)
• 1 tsp food-grade matcha (powdered green tea)
• Optional: Light rum (to taste)

Soymilk Notes: You can exclude the honey and use vanilla or sweetened soymilk if that's what you have on hand. Soymilk is the preferred green tea latte base for most people (for health reasons and because it tends to be more refreshing), but you can replace it with dairy milk or other milk alternatives if desired.

Matcha Notes: Matcha is best when fresh, so buy in smaller quantities and use within three months after opening. Food-grade (also called "cooking-grade," "kitchen grade" or "ingredient-grade") matcha is available from many tea retailers and can be found in some Asian markets (especially Japanese markets) under the name "green tea powder."

If you'd like to use a powdered form of a specific green tea (your favorite, perhaps), use an electric spice grinder to make small batches of it into a very fine powder.

In addition to what's listed above, you'll need a spoon, a small bowl, a blender and a serving glass.

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