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Recipes for Coffee, Tea & Other Hot Drinks


Once you have the preparation basics for coffee and tea down, you're ready to explore more coffee, tea and hot drink recipes. Use this coffee and tea recipe collection to spice up your caffeine routine, or check out recipes for herbal teas, hot chocolate and other hot drinks.
  1. Espresso Drink Recipes
  2. Coffee Recipes
  3. Tea Recipes
  4. Tisane / Herbal Tea Recipes
  5. Hot Chocolate Recipes
  6. Apple Cider Recipes
  1. Egg Nog Recipes
  2. Tea / Coffee Cocktail Recipes
  3. Afternoon Tea Recipes & Other Tea Pairing Recipes
  4. Coffee Pairing Recipes
  5. Cooking With Coffee & Tea

Espresso Drink Recipes

Learn to make classic espresso drinks (like cappuccinos) as well as more elaborate (and less traditional) espresso-based drinks with this short list of espresso drink recipes.

Coffee Recipes

Expand your coffee horizons with recipes for coffee smoothies, regional and international coffee drinks, vegan options, iced coffees and more.

Tea Recipes

Learn to make masala chai, matcha lattes, iced tea drinks and more with this collection of tea recipes.

Tisane / Herbal Tea Recipes

Whether you call them tisanes, herbal teas or infusions, these recipes all have one thing in common -- they are made with herbs other than tea. Most are naturally caffeine-free, but the yerba mate recipes contain caffeine and theobromine (a natural stimulant that's also found in coffee and chocolate).

Hot Chocolate Recipes

This hot chocolate recipe collection includes hot cocoa (made from cocoa powder or mix) and hot chocolate (made from melted chocolate shavings or pieces).

Apple Cider Recipes

Warm up with these wintery recipes for wassail, apple cider, mulled cider and more.

Egg Nog Recipes

Go beyond basic egg nog with recipes for Vegan Egg Nog, Old-Fashioned Egg Nog, Chocolate Egg Nog and more.

Tea / Coffee Cocktail Recipes

If you like your coffee and tea with a little extra "kick," then these coffee and tea cocktail recipes are for you!

Afternoon Tea Recipes & Other Tea Pairing Recipes

Looking for foods to pair with your teas? Explore these traditional afternoon tea recipes and recipes for more modern tea pairings.

Coffee Pairing Recipes

Bake or cook the perfect accompaniments to your favorite coffee drinks with these recipes for coffee cake, biscotti and more.

Cooking With Coffee & Tea

Learn to use coffee and tea as spices and ingredients in ice creams, cakes and other dishes with these coffee / tea recipes.

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