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Top Sparkling Recipes


The best recipes that sparkle. That is, tea and coffee recipes that have soda, seltzer or carbonated water in them. Great for summer. Nothing refreshes better than an ice cold drink filled with bubbles and fizz.

1. Sparkling Jasmine Iced Tea

A sparkling iced tea, flavoured with jasmine and brown sugar syrup. A change from the ordinary, with a sweet and floral flavour.

2. Espresso Spritzer

A quick and refreshing espresso drink, with mineral water. Even if you don't usually take your coffee drinks without some kind of cream, you'll love the mix of sparkling water and espresso.

3. Lemon Almond Iced Tea

This is a sparkling iced tea, with the unusual combination of lemon with almond and vanilla. You could use regular soda water, if you prefer less lemon flavour.

4. Italian Chocolate Soda

A sparkling drink with a hint of chocolate and cream. Even with the heavy cream, this is a very refreshing recipe for the heat of summer.

5. Coffee Soda

An interesting mix of rich creaminess and bubbly fizz. Kind of like a typical ice cream float, but with a few added touches of coffee and cream.

6. Sparkling Fruit Smoothie

Did you think that all smoothies had to be thick and creamy? A sparkling smoothie is more refreshing during the hot days of summer. The pineapple will keep it thick, but you can add ice if you need to.

7. Making Carbonated Water at Home

Since I am also a big fan of carbonated drinks in the summer, I have decided to try carbonating my own water. Carbonation is what puts the fizzy bubbles in club soda (or seltzer or soda water). How hard can that be?

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