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GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 9 Kombucha Review

A Kombucha Drinker's Kombucha

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An image of GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 9 Kombucha in the bottle.

Functional flavors of bilberry, honeysuckle and red clover appeal to more serious health food consumers.

Marko Goodwin
In the last few years, kombucha went from a fringe "hippie drink" to a relatively mainstream brew. Companies like Honest Tea, Wonder Drink and Synergy Millennium are all diversifying their offerings with new flavors of kombucha. While some of those newer flavors target new kombucha drinkers with juice-like flavors, GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 9 Kombucha targets true kombucha drinkers with minimal flavoring from botanical herbs and berries.

Appearance & Aroma

While the packaging for Botanic No. 9 is fairly standard for health foods with mainstream appeal, the deep, murky, red-violet color is not for the faint of heart.

The aroma is pure kombucha, as well as a tart reminder of why kombucha is also called "vinegar tea."


The bold taste of Botanic No. 9 is very tart with some herbaceousness. I grew up in the Southern U.S. where honeysuckle is a summertime treat, so I was hoping for a distinct honeysuckle note in the flavor, but instead found a refreshingly lightly flavored kombucha. The kombucha itself shines through in all its apple-cider-vinegar glory, while the unusual flavors make an easy reference point for new kombucha drinkers ("Mmm, tastes like lemon!") pretty much impossible.

Body Effect

There are many health claims about kombucha out there. I'm not going to get into those, but I will say that each person's results are different and my result is something best described as a mild euphoria. It's mellow, but energizing and uplifting. Personally, I find that the effect is intensified when the kombucha is consumed on an empty stomach.

Overall Opinion

Unlike Botanic No. 3 Kombucha and GT's Organic Raw No. 7 Kombucha, this brew a bit too true to its roots for new kombucha drinkers. However, I enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend it to true kombucha fans, as well as those who are interested in the potential benefits of the botanical ingredients in this blend.
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