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Nativa Yerba Mate Suave

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An image of Nativa Yerba Mate Suave's packaging.

Nativa Yerba Mate is a versatile and (relatively) mellow yerba mate.

Marko Goodwin
Nativa Yerba Mate Suave is a milder yerba mate than most, thanks to the fact that it is wild harvested (which makes it sweeter and less bitter) and free from stems (which also reduces bitterness).

Tasting Notes -- Yerba Mate can be prepared many ways. It can be cold-brewed, brewed in a French press, made from a teabag or brewed like loose-leaf tea. For the purposes of this review, I used an in-cup infuser to brew one tablespoon of yerba mate for three minutes in one cup of 150-degrees-Fahrenheit water.


Nativa's colorful packaging is more informative than most. (Who knew yerba mate has three grams of protein per serving?) Preparation instructions are included for multiple brewing methods. Die-hard mate fans will be glad to know that details on the harvest and processing are provided. However, the information on caffeine and antioxidant levels is somewhat questionable, especially given the yerba mate industry's history of false claims in these areas. (My favorite yerba mate myth is the idea that yerba mate is caffeine-free and that it contains a "stereoisomer of caffeine" called "mateine." This is false. There is no such thing as a stereoisomer of caffeine.)

Appearance & Aroma

The leaves are greener than most yerba mates. They are also free from stems.

When brewed, Nativa Yerba Mate is greenish-tan and murky with particulate, which is typical for yerba mate.

The aroma is bittersweet, full and mineral-like, with a hint of eucalyptus-like herbaceousness.


The flavor of Nativa Yerba Mate is much like the aroma. It will especially appeal to lungo drinkers, fans of medicinal or health beverages, and those who like their green tea brewed strong.

Overall Opinion

In general, straight yerba mate is a bit of an acquired taste. Those who have acquired it will enjoy Nativa Yerba Mate. Those who are working on getting acquainted with yerba mate will probably find that it is great with milk, sugar, honey, juice, spices and/or other ingredients.
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