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Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur Review

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An image of Voyant Chai's bottle and Voyant Chai in a small glass

Voyant Chai is great chilled, on ice or mixed with other ingredients.

Lindsey Goodwin
Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur claims to be the world’s first chai cream liqueur. Will it appeal to the growing legions of fans of masala chai (a.k.a. “chai tea”)? Or will it be a sweet way to mask alcohol, like Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka did with sweet tea? Or will it, like so many specialty liquors before it, fade into obscurity? I can’t know for sure, but if I have any say, I’d love to see it spread into the mainstream like masala chai has, reaching a broad spectrum of American imbibers with its charmingly sweet-spicy flavor.


A Parisian Art Deco font an fiery package design give this bottle a decadent, sinful feel that suits this blend of alcohol, caffeine, spices and sugar quite well. The packaging copy includes way more information than your average alcohol bottle, actually going so far as to include a fairly comprehensive ingredients list. I’ve only seen it in one bottle size (750 mL), which is usually a risky for untasted liqueurs, but I found that it was worth the investment.

Flavor & Texture

The smooth, concentrated flavor of Voyant Chai lies somewhere between classic masala chai and rum-soaked gingerbread cookies. Ingredients include oak-aged rum, Dutch cream, black tea, “premium spirits,” “natural flavors,” pure vanilla and “a stimulating blend of real spices.” The taste reflects this blend of quality ingredients. Unlike many “chai” concoctions, the black tea can be tasted. In fact, it even has a minor caffeine buzz, although that’s insignificant compared to the sugar buzz.

Voyant has a consistency much like Bailey’s Irish Cream. Like Bailey’s, it can be sipped straight or on the rocks in moderation. It can also be mixed, which brings us to…


Like any cream liquor, Voyant does not mix well with citrus or acidic ingredients. However, it’s great with vodka, rum and other fairly neutral spirits, as well milk (or ice cream) and hot drinks (such as hot chocolate and masala chai). I was inspired to mix Voyant Chai with coffee and was very pleased with the results.

Overall Opinion

Voyant Chai is a welcome addition to the tea liqueur scene. It has broad appeal and a flavor with far more depth and sophistication than the sweet tea vodkas on the market. It’s got an appealing package design and is very mixable. I hope to see it on more drink menus in the near future!

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