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Tea Maker Reviews

Tea Makers From Breville, Zarafina, Adagio & More


Like coffee makers, tea makers are (usually) machines that make brewing tea as simple as adding leaves and water to a machine and pushing a button. If you are very limited on time, tea-making savvy or dexterity, then buying a tea maker rather than making tea by hand may be a great option for you. Use the reviews below to find the best tea maker for your tea preferences, kitchen and budget.

Breville's One Touch Tea Maker

An image of the Breville One Touch Tea Maker.
Marko Goodwin
The way I figure, if you're going to buy a tea maker instead of making tea by hand, you might as well pay up for a serious one. And Breville's One Touch Tea Maker is exactly that. From it sleek design to variable temperature settings, variable temperature times and a variety of other custom settings (such as a hold temperature function and an alarm-based start function), it has it all.

Zarafina Teamaker Suite Review

This ever-popular teamaker is more of an entry level option. It's easy to use and it has customizable settings, which is more than some tea makers can claim. For more on this product, check out how to use the Zarafina Teamaker Suite and this additional Zarafina review from About.com Housewares.

Adagio's TriniTEA Tea Maker

An image of Adagio's TriniTEA Tea Maker brewing tea.
Marko Goodwin
Another less expensive option is Adagio Tea's TriniTEA Tea Maker. It's made of cheaper materials, but (like Breville's and Zarafina's tea makers) it's easy to use and it's customizable.

Nesco Real-Tea Tea Maker

Nesco's tea maker has a large capacity for brewing (up to one liter) and a particularly high cap on its brewing times (16 minutes), which is perfect if you're looking to brew iced tea concentrates for serving iced tea to a large group. It's bulkier and louder than some models, but it is, overall, a good tea maker, especially considering that it costs about $82.

Keurig's B-155 Single Cup Coffee Maker

I know, I know... this is a coffee maker. But it can also be used for tea! You just need to buy tea K-cups ('pods') instead of coffee K-cups and you have yourself a tea maker. The main downside to using a Keurig is the limitation on which teas you can brew in it, but there's now an adapter that allows you to brew any tea (or coffee) you want in lieu of a K-cup.

Iced Tea Makers

If you're looking for iced tea makers rather than hot tea makers, check out this collection of four iced tea maker mini-reviews, including information on iced tea makers from Bodum and Hamilton Beach.

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