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Top Coffee Gifts Over $100


Looking for the top coffee gifts over $100? Check out this list, which features espresso machines, civet coffee and more.

Espresso Machines ($100 to $500)

Buying an espresso maker as a gift can be overwhelming, as espresso makers vary enormously in their styles and prices. However, you can easily compare the styles and prices of eight espresso makers between $100 and $500 with this mid-range espresso makers list from former About.com Guide Sean Paajanen.

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee ($100 to $600 per Pouund)

Kopi Luwak (also known as "Civet Coffee" orm less appealingly, as "Cat Poo Coffee") is the world's most expensive coffee. It is said that its, ahem, <em>unique processing</em> gives it a distinctly smooth flavor that's unlike any other gourmet coffee out there.

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Handheld Espresso Maker Picnic Set (Approx. $200)

If you're looking for a coffee gift for an outdoorsy espresso drinker, then you have just found the perfect match. Handpresso is a hand-held, portable espresso maker. This Handpresso espresso gift set was created for picnics and other outdoors events. It comes in a leatherette case and includes a thermo-insulating espresso flask, two napkins and four unbreakable outdoor espresso cups.

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Jura Espresso Machines / Coffee Makers ($300 to Over $3000)

An image of a Jura Capresso S9 One Touch Espresso Machine.
Marko Goodwin

Jura espresso machines and coffee makers vary widely in both style and price. However, you can easily compare Jura styles and prices and styles to find the best gift for your budget and recipient with this presorted list.

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Espresso Machines ($500 to $1000)

An image of an espresso machine group head with portafilter locked in place.
Lindsey Goodwin

If you haven't already found an ideal coffee gift amongst the mid-range espresso makers and Jura espresso / coffee makers on this list, check out these luxury home espresso makers from brands like La Pavoni, Delonghi and Gaggia.

Illy Art Collection Coffee Cups

Each year, Illy commissions an artist to create a limited run of coffee cups and saucers. These works of coffee art retail at $175 for a set of six. They also commission unique coffee cans, but (personally) I think think the cups make a better coffee gift!

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