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Top Tea Gifts Over $100

Gifts for Tea Connoisseurs


Whether they're into afternoon tea or artisan pu-erhs, tea connoisseurs are notoriously picky, but don't worry if you're on the lookout for tea gifts -- we've got you covered. From the techie tea lover to the tea connoisseur who has it all, this list of top tea gifts over $100 includes something for everyone.

1. Breville's One Touch Tea Maker (Approx. $250)

A detail view of Breville's One Touch Tea Maker.
Marko Goodwin

The Breville One Touch Tea Maker combines style and function into one amazing automatic tea maker. For design-centric tea drinkers and kitchen-gadget aficionados, Breville's gorgeous, reliable One Touch Tea Maker is the clear winner of the automatic tea maker category.

2. A Tea-of-the-Month Club Subscription (Varies in Price)

Whether your gift recipient is a tea novice or a tea connoisseur, there is a tea subscription program that will fit his or her palate. Tea-of-the-month clubs vary widely in price and in scope, ranging from introductory level teabags that are available at specialty grocery stores to extremely rare artisan teas that are only available through high-end tea subscription programs.

3. Sorapot Teapot (Approx. $200 Plus Shipping to $260 With Shipping)

Thanks to its sleek lines and glass-and-steel body, the Sorapot is one of the most architectural, modern teapots out there. It's a great gift for design aficionados and anyone who enjoys watching tealeaves unfurl as they brew.

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4. Hermes Tea Cups (Approx. $85 to $215)

This is a great tea gift for the person who has everything. The Hermes line of teacups ranges in style from simple, understated and Art Deco-inspired to boldly colorful, ornate and reminiscent of Spanish wrought iron designs. Some designs are available as gaiwans (Chinese lidded teacups) as well as traditional British-style teacups.

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5. Pu-erh Cakes, Tuochas, Mushrooms, Etc. (Varies Widely)

Pu-erh is an unusual type of tea that improves with age. As a rare tea, it is a good gift for adventuresome tea connoisseurs. As an artisan good that improves with age, it makes a fantastic gift for collectors of things like aged whiskey, wine and aged cheeses. Pu-erhs are often sold in "cakes" or "bing chas," but they are also available in more unusual shapes, such as "melon touchas" (large, melon-like shapes), "mushrooms" and "bricks."

Prices for pu-erh vary widely, but it is important that you buy from a reputable vendor rather than a vendor who simply "seems cheaper," as there is a fairly large amount of forgery in the high-end pu-erh world.

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