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Soda Recipes

Recipes and instructions for making your own homemade soda, cola, ginger beer and other such drinks.
Almost 'Coke'
A recipe for making a carbonated drink, that claims to taste like coke, made with cinnamon.
Al's Homemade Root Beer and Ginger Beer Recipes
A collection of recipes for making varieties of ginger beer and root beer.
Homemade Cola
An interesting recipe for cola, that includes coffee and a bit of black pepper.
Ginger Ale Recipe
A little recipe for making ginger ale, with real ginger. Some history on the drink too.
Old-Fashioned Root Beer
Another way to make old style root beer, with all kinds of herbs, roots and yeast.
Real Root Beer
An old-fashioned recipe for real root beer. You may need to hunt a bit to find the sarsparilla.
Homemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop
A book on the subject, packed with old-fashioned pop and soda recipes.
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