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Starting a Tea or Coffee Business

If you are thinking of getting into the beverage business, make sure to do as much research as you can. Starting a coffee house or tea shop can be quite a challenge.
Top Books on Starting a Coffee Business
Do your research before starting out in business. These books are geared mainly for coffee shops, but the information is applicable to tea houses as well.
Advice on Starting a Coffee Business
Lots of important facts you should consider before starting a coffee business.
Become a Coffee House Owner
An e-book guide to starting and running your own coffee house.
Bellissmo Start-Up Packs
Book and video packages designed to help out the budding coffee entrepreneur.
Coffee Business Startup
A large collection of articles on all aspects of running a coffee business, including cyber-cafes, and things that might go wrong.
Tea Events
A mix of products, seminars and classes for anyone interested in getting into the tea business.
Let's Do....Tea?
An article from Entrepreneur.com on starting your own tea house.
Starting a Herbal Tea Business
A few important points if you are thinking of getting into the herbal tea business.
Start and Run a Profitable Coffee Bar
They sell books and videos, but their site is packed with helpful information for the beginner coffee entrepreneur.
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