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Facts and figures can be important to anyone who is in the coffee or tea business. These sites may help you with your number-crunching.
Coffee in India
Detailed and up-to-date statistics on the coffee industry in India, including exports, consumption and production.
Coffee Markets Statistics
Recent statistics on coffee consumption, imports, exports and production from nations around the world.
Tea in India
Figures on imports, exports, and production of tea in India.
World Cocoa Bean Production
Number of tons of cocoa beans produced around the world, with figures from the 1990s.
World Tea Consumption Percentages
Stats on tea consumption around the world.
World Tea Current Situation
Statistics on the world tea market, including import/export, prices and consumption.
World Tea Production at an All Time High
A short news article on the increase of tea production, including some annual statistics.
Beverage Marketing
You can buy marketing statistics for tea, coffee or other beverages. They're quite expensive, but could be valuable to someone investing in business.
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