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Tea & Tisane 101 & FAQ's

Find beginner tea recipes, learn about tea types and international tea drinks, discover the differences between loose-leaf tea and teabags, and more with this guide to tea basics.
  1. Beginner Tea Recipes (8)
  2. Beginner Tea Reviews (10)
  3. Tea Preparation (9)
  4. Types of Teas & Tisanes ("Herbal Teas") (32)

31 Ways to Celebrate Hot Tea Month
Did you know? January is National Hot Tea Month! Here are 31 ways you can celebrate Hot Tea Month this January.

Best Tea of the Month Club Gifts
Looking for a gift for a tea lover or a tea adventure for yourself? Check out these tea of the month clubs and tea subscriptions from companies like Teance, Art of Tea, Adagio and Teavana. As you'll see, there are a range of tea types, connoisseurship levels, price ranges, sample sizes and time spans to select from. Whether you want a selection...

Chinese Tea Ware Q&A With Jennifer Leigh Sauer of Bon Teavant
The gaiwan brewing vessel and Chinese yixing teapot are amongst the best ways to prepare high quality teas. Learn why, and learn to brew tea in a gaiwan, with this Q&A with Jennifer Leigh Sauer of Bon Teavant.

Coffee/Tea Sweeteners
The most common coffee and tea additives are dairy and sweeteners. For a sweeter cuppa, most people simply add sugar, but there are lots of ways to sweeten coffee and tea, such as honey, agave nectar, molasses, simple syrup and artificial sweeteners.

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives for Coffee/Tea
The most common tea additives are dairy and sweeteners. Many people enjoy their tea with a bit of milk, but there are lots of ways to combine tea with dairy products and dairy alternatives, such as cream, soy milk and almond milk.

Frequently Asked Tea Questions
The most commonly asked tea questions are answered here.

Honey Types, Processing & Recipes
Honey is a popular additive in teas and tisanes. Learn about honey types and flavor profiles, find recipes for honey-flavored teas and more with this guide to honey.

How to Use Leftover Tea as a Cleaner
This post by Tea Hacker explains how to use leftover tea as a natural cleaner. You can also use the leaves for a variety of cleaning purposes... but that's another topic!

Tea Books
Further your learning about tea with this list of tea books, including beginner tea books and advanced tea books.

Tea Storage
Proper tea storage is imperative to the shelf life, quality and flavor of your tea. Learn how to keep your tea fresh and delicious with these easy tea storage tips.

Tea Tasting Guide
Like savoring fine wine, tasting premium tea is a joy. With a few simple steps you can elevate your tea tasting experience from “ho-hum” to “whoa!” Over time, you can use these steps to develop your tea palate and appreciate the many nuances that quality teas have to offer.

Teabags vs. Loose Leaf Tea
There’s a lot of talk about why leaf teas (such as “loose-leaf tea” and “whole-leaf tea”) are better than teabags. While some of it is true, most of it is made up of broad generalizations, like “Loose-leaf tea is always better than teabags.” Learn what differentiates teabags from leaf teas, why leaf tea is usually better than teabags and how to...

Test Your Tea Knowledge - Beginner Tea Quiz
How much do you know about tea types, customs, storage and preparation? Take this beginner tea quiz to find out!

What Does 'Tea Drunk' Mean?
Although tea does not contain alcohol, it can induce a state akin to an alcohol buzz called 'tea drunkenness.' Learn what it means to be 'tea drunk,' as well as what it feels like to get tea drunk and how to get tea drunk.

What is Tea Patience?
A tea-drinking reader asks, "What is tea patience?"

Tips for Going Green With Coffee & Tea
Planet Green explains how to green your tea or coffee habit with a series of easy tips.

Caffeine Levels in Teabags vs. Loose-Leaf Tea
A reader asks if teabags have more caffeine than loose-leaf tea and, if so, why. I answer this question and provide additional resources on caffeine levels in tea.

Starbucks Menu
Starbucks serves a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks in the US and abroad. Learn about their international tea offerings, including matcha drinks from Starbucks Japan and white tea from Starbucks China.

Teabags for Your Eyes
FAQ: How can I use teabags to get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

Tea Videos
This collection of tea videos includes profiles on different tea types, guides to preparing tea and more.

Can Hot Drinks Cool You Down?
In the tea world, there's an ongoing debate about whether or not drinking hot tea on a hot day can cool you down. Get the science behind hot drinks on hot days, plus learn why it's true AND why it's false.

Is rooibos decaffeinated?
Commonly known as a "tea" but technically an herbal infusion, rooibos tea or "red tea" causes some confusion amongst tea drinkers seeking answers on caffeine. Get all the details with this comprehensive answer.

Keeping Iced Tea Clear from Clouds
Learn how to keep your iced tea cloud-free and clear with these easy tips.

'Silken' Tea Bags
A reader asks about silken tea bags. If they're not made of silk, what ARE they made of, anyway?

Best Teas for Newbies
From Houjicha to Earl Grey to Oriental Beauty, these are the best ten teas for newbies to try. This guide includes brewing tips and tasting notes for each tea, plus additional recommendations for teas to try.

Tea Bags
Tea bags have only been around for just over 100 years, yet today, tea bags are the preferred brewing method for over 90 percent of Americans and Brits. Learn the how, why and when behind this, as well as many more things you probably don't know about tea bags.

Tea Jars
Learn how to use tea jars to store tea.

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