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Good Earth Chai Tea

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An image of Good Earth Chai Tea in its packaging.

Good Earth Chai Tea's packaging is 100 percent recycled and 60 percent post-consumer recycled. The teabags in it are unbleached and the tea is gluten-free and Kosher.

Marko Goodwin
Good Earth Chai Tea is a teabag-style masala chai blend. Although it lacks the rich, creamy flavor of homemade masala chai, it is impressive for a teabag "chai tea."

Packaging & Teabags

Like Good Earth Ginseng Green Tea, Good Earth Chai Tea is packaged in a box that is 100 percent recycled. Sixty percent of the material used to make it was post-consumer waste.

The teabags are made from unbleached fibers.

The down side of the packaging is that it contains a caffeine level chart that does not include black tea blends, such as Chai Tea. (This particular chai blend is unique in that it replaces some of the black tea with chicory root for a full flavor and low caffeine level.)

Aroma & Flavor

Good Earth Chai Tea has a classic masala chai aroma that has been perked up with the addition of black pepper, star anise and nutmeg.

The flavor has less ginger than many chais, but it has strong cinnamon and clove notes, a roasty chicory flavor and a sweet licorice depth. Unfortunately, there is little to no black tea flavor present in the tea.

The aftertaste of this chai is heavy on the nutmeg, with notes of black pepper and cinnamon.

Overall Opinion

For a teabag masala chai, this is a good choice. It's great with milk or sugar, and can be brewed strong then blended with ice for a summertime treat. I especially recommend it to people who are trying to wean themselves off of coffee or caffeinated sodas.
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