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Hot Tea Recipes

Check out the top green tea recipes, best black tea recipes, reader's favorite chai recipes, caffeine-free herbal tea recipes and much more with this huge collection of hot tea recipes.
  1. Cold / Iced Tea Recipes

Top 10 Green Tea Recipes

From green tea smoothies to matcha-dusted chocolate truffles to Japanese "tea soup," these are the top ten green tea recipes on About.com.

Black Tea Recipes
Learn to make black tea cocktails and mocktails, Earl Grey soda, black tea steamers, Irish black tea bread and more with this collection of black tea recipes.

Best Chai Recipes
From a masala chai photo tutorial to caffeine-free chai recipes and a Kashmiri chai recipe, these are the best "chai tea" recipes on About.com.

Chamomile Recipes
Chamomile (or 'camomile') is a naturally caffeine free herb that is used in many 'herbal tea' recipes, as well as some dessert recipes and even some savory recipes.

Dirty Chai Lattes
Depending on how you look at it, Dirty Chai Lattes are espresso-based lattes that are flavored with masala chai or masala chai lattes that are flavored with espresso. Learn to make Dirty Chai Lattes from scratch, from syrups and from powders with this guide to Dirty Chai Latte making.

Ginger Tea Recipes
Learn how to make ginger tea with these ginger tea recipes, including recipes for iced ginger tea, Punjabi black tea with ginger and traditional Korean ginger tea.

10 Great DIY Mint Tea Blends
These are awesome recipes for mint herbal blends and mint tea blends. All of them can be made in five minutes of less, and then stored for use in the coming months.

Herbal Tea Recipes
These naturally caffeine-free 'herbal tea' recipes make healthy beverages that can be either soothing or invigorating. Find recipes for mint 'tea,' chamomile 'tea' and more in this collection of caffeine-free 'herbal tea' recipes.

Matcha Recipes
This collection of matcha recipes includes recipes for green tea lattes, green tea smoothies and foods with matcha as an ingredient.

Mint Tea Recipes
This collection of mint tea recipes includes true teas (such as mint green tea blends and mint black teas), as well as hot and iced mint herbal tea/tisane recipes.

Milk Tea Recipes
This recipe collection focuses on milk, one of the world's most popular additives for tea. It includes recipes for milky black teas, matcha green tea, bubble tea and herbal infusions.

Tea Latte Recipes
Learn to hot and iced green tea, black tea and chai lattes with this collection of tea latte recipes.

Berry Tea Recipe
This Berry Tea recipe includes black tea, green tea, cherries, cranberries and orange peel.

Chai Spiced Apple Cider Recipe
This award-winning Chai Spiced Apple Cider recipe combines the spice and warmth of masala chai with the sweet, comforting flavor of apple cider.

Hong Kong Milk Tea, a.k.a. Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea
Also known as “pantyhose tea” or “silk stocking tea,” Hong Kong Milk Tea is a caricature of English black tea with milk and sugar. It is a staple of Hong Kong cuisine, particularly in diners and cafes.

How to Make Indian Chai (Video)
In this About.com video, Natasha Levitan explains how to make Indian Chai, or Masala Chai, from scratch.

How to Make Korean Roasted Corn Tea
Learn to make Oksoosoo Cha (Korean roasted corn "tea") with this recipe.

How to Make Masala Chai (a.k.a. "Chai Tea")
This easy recipe for homemade masala chai (or "chai tea") is a bare bones, basic version of masala chai. It can easily be adapted to include other spices and ingredients.

How to Whisk Matcha Green Tea
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea in six simple steps.

Lemon-Ginger Green Tea
This citrusy, piquant green tea is soothing to the throat and stomach.

Maple Mint Tea
This caffeine-free mint herbal infusion is sweetened with pure maple syrup and flavored with fresh lemon juice.

Rooibos Chai Recipe
Red Chai is an award-winning rooibos chai recipe from The Tea Spot. It is caffeine free, but just as flavorful as traditional masala chai recipe.

Sage Tea Recipe
Technically a tisane, this easy sage tea recipe includes sage leaves, lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar.

Thai Tea Recipe
Learn to make Thai iced tea from scratch with this easy recipe, which features loose-leaf tea and whole spices.

Yuanyang Coffee Tea Recipe
Yuanyang (a.k.a. "coffee with tea," "Yuenyeung," "Yinyong" or "Yingyong") is a sweet, creamy coffee / tea mixture that is hugely popular in Hong Kong. Each Yuanyang maker has his / her own secret recipe, but this version captures the general flavor of this singular beverage.

How to Make Matcha
Matcha can be prepared as koicha (thick matcha) or usucha (thin matcha). Learn to make both with these matcha-making instructions, plus check out recipes for matcha lattes and other matcha drinks.

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